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Flying Plaza Footprint

The ‘Plaza’ Footprint enables Airlines, Railways and Cruise Ships to create new ancillary revenue with increased profits without incurring more costs.

Our Business model embodies the following features:

  • Low cost
  • Quick to deploy
  • No downtime for the aircraft, cruise ship or train
  • No loss of earnings

Flying PLaza is a personalized travel retail and entertainment service where the passengers get to use their own smart personal devices to connect to the entertainment environment.

The MiniMe-Labs fully certified Flying Plaza solution is the ideal candidate for low cost carriers, it is also suitable for train, cruise and coach operators. Reaching a huge market with a standardized platform that can offer additional value to the traveler and increase revenues to the participating companies.

The Air-Box

Our Portable media server (Air-Box) needs no specialist fitting, no downtime or loss of earnings. This is the ideal solution for small budget airlines. This is a semi-permanent installation to aid in logistics, offering fast installation while maintaining low cost of entry and easy future scalability.

Our solution requires just one Air-box per aircraft (A320 size) support for up to 300 simultaneous connections. and it can be installed in the forward or rear galley. The Air-box has an 8-12 hour battery life.

Our Flying Plaza solution can be used not only on the Aircraft but from Gate to Gate and our software can reach the customer from the moment they book to the time they return home, engaging with the passengers long after the flight is over.

In addition to entertainment there is also huge potential to offer inflight shopping (replacing seat-back shopping catalogues, reducing weight and ability to change products much quicker than any paper based print run) Facilitating the Sale of related travel services with personalized offerings linked to carriers loyalty programs.

On-Board Entertainment