And how much does the POS cost?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018

We will first need some information from you before we can provide pricing on Payment Systems:
Are you considering Offline POS capability on the aircraft?
How many handheld devices would you need per aircraft?
Please contact us directly for these details.


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Can I export all my sales reports?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018
Complete Back Office accounting and end of day Cash Up NOTE: the POS has more than 100 features – these are but a...

Is there an option to search for the sales report of each day?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018
Yes full reporting is created as required and then...

What are the dimensions of the Airbox?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018
306mm x 234mm x 130mm – They just fit into a Galley...