On-board Entertainment & Retailing

The onboard passenger experience will be updated to the current technological independence we have on land.

The entertainment platform designed to be freely used with the passengers’ own smartphones, laptops or tablets will generate a new wave of passenger satisfaction.

Flying Plaza gives passengers the luxury of browsing through a number of entertainment mediums; a few examples of which include games, music, the latest news and movies.

But the real luxury of this platform contains a retail component where the passenger may browse and shop independently without the need to depend on a flight attendant for additional assistance.

The online shopping feature offers a wide variety of categories to choose from and duplicates the experience of shopping online in the comfort of your home.

The wireless technology that Flying Plaza offers is designed to be used with ease and convenience, including the passengers who may not consider themselves as “tech-savvy”.

This platform also proves effective for the sponsors who provide advertisement content, reaching an audience of hundreds of passengers per day particularly for short-haul flights that usually depart on multiple routes daily.

This opens up new avenues for the airline industry as it creates new ancillary revenue streams by transforming Flying Plaza’s inflight entertainment platform into a profit centre and allowing the airline to better engage with passengers by connecting them to a platform that provides features catered to the taste of each individual, whether that be content advertisements, online shopping/browsing, video’s on demand, online magazines and e-books, games, music, special offers and destination bookings.

A simple and easy solution that is readily deployed within the airline creates an increasing revenue, whilst there is an amazing inflight entertainment platform that the passengers can enjoy at their own leisure.