Please explain how the POS works?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018

It works as a battery powered handheld device fully equipped with dynamic stock options and hundreds of features. It is designed to take cash and CC payments via swipe or NFC and more. Comprehensive details can be provided once contracts are in place.


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Does the Flying Plaza product require STC to deploy in an aircraft?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018
RTCA DO-160G Certification is what Airbox V1.0 has and V3.0 will have this certification in May...

How much does it cost to ship your product to us?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018
We will be accompanying the products as deployment will require our staff to train your staff for the simple usage of...

How much would DRM cost us?

By minimelabs 03 Sep 2018
DRM is supplied by us as a feature for you to use at your disposal. Costs will not be by us, but by the studios and...