Ready to deploy omni-channel commerce solutions.



Shopping Malls

A unique one stop solution using the latest
technology to give Malls the ability to increase
sales in-store and online in any language,
currency or location by incorporating mobile and
online sales with marketing capabilities
creating a ready to go solution.


Airport Terminals

A passenger can shop at the Airports
physical stores or online with the options to
have the items delivered home, without the need
to carry any bags. No longer encumbered by the
restraints of size, weight or luggage capacity.
Enhancing the passengers retail experience.


Inflight Shopping

A passenger on a long flight can now shop
a large catalogue of items using our
dedicated platform. They will have the
option to buy and have the items delivered
without the need to carry extra bags.
With our solution a customer can shop with ease.

MiniMe Omni-channel has unique features that make Shopping a joy.

Mobile App for Seamless shopping.

The MOBILE APP acts as the bridge between
the customers online and in-store activity.

Key app features:

  • Scan products instore to buy or add to wishlist
  • Shopping bag and wishlist synced across channels
  • Linked advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Store finder with directions
  • Curated product feed
  • Shop on the move; receive goods at home or instore
  • Augmented reality scanner
  • Clothes size converter
  • Currency price converter

Our Vision

We constantly think how to break out of the mental restrictions, scout and devise ideas and implement them, venturing into the unknown seeking new discoveries.

Minime-Labs is a company that has developed technology for the travel industry that enables the delivery of entertainment, shopping and programmatic advertising to any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We look to the sky only for signs of infinite possibilities the cosmos may hold. Our ability to look beyond the obvious and to use our imagination is not enough.

We are prepared to move to answer our hearts desires, in our belief that it is achievable. We are willing to overcome boundaries set by man, to learn to experience and to do what others say can’t be done.

Flying Plaza

Low cost and quick to deploy with no downtime for the aircraft or loss of earnings for the airline. The fully certified Flying Plaza solution is the ideal candidate. Flying Plaza can reach the traveler from the moment they book to beyond the time they reach their destination, continuing to engage long after the flight is over.

On the other hand, realizing the market demand, the airlines have struggled with the provision of consistent value-for-money airborne internet connection onboard.

Flying Plaza (Morfus) mobile app and box come to revamp the air travelers’ experience. It is a digital Omni channel retail and entertainment platform connecting air travelers and retailers around the globe by means of creating a private hot-spot connecting to our solution and a digital catalogue.


Mobile Pay

Customers would use mobile payments to scan & pay without waiting at the store check out.


Direct / Online

Omni-channel customers spend 93% more than customers who shop direct / online.


On Multiple devices

Over 60% of consumers shop on multiple devices.



Retailers who provided ship-from-store had a positive uplift in online revenue.

A Platform that can Evolve with your needs


Omni-channel retail is fast becoming the norm.
Consumers have heightened shopping expectations in the era of omni-channel.
Retailers are struggling to even come close to meeting
the expectations of their customers.
Contact us to find out how MiniMe omni-channel can solve this problem.